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Interview - Don Migel Ruiz Jr.

A Conversation with Don Migel Ruiz Jr.

Don Migel Ruiz Jr. speaks about the legacy of his grandmother’s teachings and the importance of finding unconditional love within ourselves.

Rev. Richard Burdick

Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Rev. Richard Burdick

Rev. Richard Burdick reminds us that, although we are spiritual beings having a human experience, our physical, bodily expression must be given due attention in our universal education towards enlightenment.

You Have a Choice - Burge Smith-Lyons

You Have a Choice

Taking responsibility for our own thoughts, actions and beliefs can grant us the freedom to shift out of recurring patterns of victimhood.

Yoga & Psyche: unifying yog and psychology lifestyle for healing, transformation, and joy

Yoga & Psyche: Unifying Yoga and Psychology Lifestyle for Healing, Transformation, and Joy

Yoga can improve our spiritual and physical health, but it is only half of the equation for a balanced awareness. New breakthroughs in psychology offer the other crucial half.

Conscious Confusion: Navigating the Political Landscape

Conscious Confusion: Navigating the Political Landscape

In this age of political chaos it is now more important than ever to vote responsibly based on our own integrity rather than from another’s influence.

Meditation: what is transcendence?

Meditation: What is Transcendence?

One’s attainment of transcendence may actually be closer to everyday experience than first thought, as evident by some who experience a spark of creativity and follow it with complete and uninterrupted focus.

Rob Schwartz interview

A Conversation with Rob Schwartz

Author and hypnotist Rob Schwartz speaks on the soul’s pre-birth plan and why we set up certain life challenges in order to heal the karma of our soul.

Local Spotlight - Interview with Women's Prosperity Network

Interview with Co-Founders of Women’s Prosperity Network

Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr, and Susan Wiener—the three sisters who co-founded Women’s Prosperity Network—share with us the organization’s mission for empowering women in the workplace.

Jay Fenello Meditation - Harmony Point

The Harmony Point – Base Camp to Higher Consciousness

The Harmony Point gives a name to the universally described state of consciousness where transcendence is achieved—and it is but the first step of many we can hope to experience.

What is Forgiveness by Michael Mirdad

What is Forgiveness?

World-renowned spiritual leader Michael Mirdad reminds us that forgiveness does not have to honor the trauma a person has inflicted on us – but the divinity within that person’s true, forgotten self.

Conscious Relationships: A New Way to Love

Conscious Relationships: A New Way to Love

The traditional idea of a relationship has been to force the other to change. A conscious relationship forces us out of our comfort zone in order to emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually heal ourselves instead.

The Precessional Effect

The Precessional Effect

Though sometimes we may not feel it, our lives are continually moving forward and creating an effect on the world around us. We are important and we make a difference.