Don Miguel Ruiz – The Toltec Art of Life and Death

Q: The dream landscape of your coma was fertile ground for discovering deeper meaning in your life beyond limited knowledge in a universal truth. Where can readers look to find examples of truth in their own lives?

A: The story of my life is a reflection, allowing everyone else to see that their life is also just a story. In this version of the story I am the hero and the villain, just like they are in theirs. In my life, I created the main character of Miguel. This character represents everything I know, so you can also call him Knowledge. Every reader creates the main character of his or her story; every reader has to face his or her own lies and redeem himself.

Q: The reader is taken on a magical journey—both in the narrative of your story and in the opportunity to relate your revelations to their own lives. There are moments of new discovery juxtaposed with moments of deep remembering. Now years after the experience, which feelings still resonate the strongest for you, adventure or remembering?

A: Both memories and adventures are important to me; I see them as tools for sharing my message. I love to use human imagination to create beautiful stories. If we don’t invest all our emotional energy in the stories, we can see clearly what they are trying to tell us. The message of life is one of love, truth, and unity. There is only one being; nothing else is real. This one being is alive, and everything, including each of us, is a part of it.

Q: One of the lessons of the story is that “the privilege of knowledge is to serve the message of life.” How do you practice this? How can readers better serve and cultivate their own expressions of this universal message?

A: You can tame your knowledge. Words can obey life. You are life. The challenge is to transform “Me,” the main character, and make him or her our ally—life’s ally. He or she can now serve the human being, instead of being the tyrant. I tell all of my readers, “You don’t have to be you! The character you imagine yourself to be is not real. You are life.”