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Interview with Michael Neill

A Conversation with Michael Neill

Internationally renowned transformative coach Michael Neill talks about letting go of control over our own thinking and embracing the underlying intelligence within all of us to create our greatest realities.

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Healing Through the Subtle Energy Field - Tammy Billups

Healing Through the Subtle Energy Field

Our body produces its own Vital energy, which connects us with other people. nature, and the highest spiritual source. By allowing this energy to flow smoothly, we can unlock the ultimate preventative medicine.

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Bubble Talk with Burge Smith-Lyons - The Essence of Being

Bubble Talk with Burge Smith-Lyons: The Essence of Being

Our subconscious beliefs can put up a resistance to what we truly want, effectively keeping us perpetually stuck. To create more of what you want, let go of the subconscious patterns that hold you back.

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Jay Fenello - The Silence, The Quiet, and the Harmony Point

The Silence, The Quiet, and The Harmony Point

In order to reach the Harmony Point by silencing our thoughts and awareness, we must first enter “The Quiet”, where all the attention-seekers of our environment are heard but make no sound.

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Fully Human Fully Spiritual with Richard Burdick

Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Richard Burdick

We all cry desperately for change and healing for the world—but when our screams arise from anger or fear, we will never receive the healing we seek.

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The Inner Tribe by Licia Berry

The Inner Tribe: Taking Inner Child Work a Step Further

Healing moments of childhood trauma can help move our lives out of stasis and frustration—but it is also very effective to lovingly parent the wounded adult within us.

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A Conversation with Jac O'Keefee_Conscious Life Journal

A Conversation with Jac O’Keeffe

Spiritual teacher and facilitator Jac O’Keeffe speaks about her powerful journey of turning trauma to enlightenment, including the realization that our true identity goes beyond the physical body.

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Nature's Garden Express - Scott Frishman and Michael Kirk

Nature’s Garden Express

The Journal interviews this local business that strives to bring healthy, affordable produce and food to conscious consumers of the Southeast.

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Real Talk with Martha Burgess Novak

Changing the Mind

The fear of being a “quitter” can sometimes prolong staying in a circumstance that is causing unnecessary pain. In these situations, we must give ourself permission to change our minds.

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The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect: Real or Imaginary?

Current psychology shows us that the placebo effect is more than just a mysterious response to a sugar pill; it is a powerful physiological and social force that could help change the health care industry.

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Balancing the Chaotic Energy Around Us

Balancing the Chaotic Energy Around Us

Our office environments are typically overrun with chaotic and unnatural electrical fields. Here are some innovative and useful ways to help balance these energies with natural and harmonious tools.

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Fully Human Fully Spiritual - Diane Glynn - November

Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Diane Glynn

We often believe that freeing the mind of thoughts is necessary to reach a truly meditative state; yet sometimes the most pervasive thoughts must first be given attention in order to come to peace and stillness.

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