A Conversation With Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

BRUCE LIPTON: Thank you so much for the opportunity to present the most exciting new sciences in the world supporting spirituality and empowerment and evolution. Knowledge is power. A lack of knowledge is a lack of power. And there’s a profound lack of knowledge of who we are, how we operate, how genetics works, and how consciousness is manifesting, because these are the most powerful new sciences.

Two things are necessary for the evolution of people. First is to recognize that we are not victims of our genetics, that we are creating our life experiences. Your genes don’t control you, you control your genes. Second, quantum physics is the most valid science on the planet. A fundamental principle in quantum physics is that consciousness is creating our life experience. If you change your consciousness you change your life experience. The Matrix movie is listed as science fiction but it’s a documentary. Everybody has been programmed. We now recognize that the immediate fallout of falling in love is we stop playing the program. And the moment we stop playing the program we become creators. Either you’re the program or you’re the creator.

CLJ: Can you elaborate about the science of falling in love?

BL: We have two interdependent minds. Conscious mind connected to your source, your spirituality, is creative. Subconscious mind is just habitual. When did you learn how to walk? Before you were two. Did you ever have to learn how to walk again? No. Thank goodness you have a subconscious mind. That’s what does it. But up to 70 percent of the habituated programs are disempowering, self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs. You know the phrases “Well who do you think you are? You’re not that smart. You don’t deserve this.” Before age seven children aren’t consciously understanding the meaning of the parent. They’re just hearing words. So the child who hears “you don’t deserve” has a subconscious program “I do not deserve.” And the function of the mind, conscious or subconscious, is to create a harmony with the program so that the program and life become coherent. Our lives match our beliefs. And our beliefs are creating our lives. The creative part, which is connected to your creative conscious mind, has wishes and desires. So if I ask you to tell me what you want from your life, that’s a creative answer and, by definition, from conscious mind.

But the conscious mind can think as well as observe. If I’m observing the world, my conscious mind is paying attention. But the moment I start to think, the conscious mind has to go inside. It’s directed towards the thought, which means it’s not watching anymore. So the moment that you’re thinking, you let go of the control with conscious mind. You’re not operating from your creative mind. You’re operating from the habit. From the subconscious mind. And the fundamental habits are downloaded by observing other people in your first seven years—your mother, your father, your family, your community. That’s how we learn. What we observed was just being recorded. So 95 percent of the day—the amount of time the average person spends in thought—you are operating from subconscious programs AND, because the conscious mind was focused inward, it did not observe the programs as you were unfolding them.

CLJ: So you don’t even know that you are operating from the subconscious, the program?

BL: Imagine a close friend whose behavior you know well. And you know your friend’s parent. One day you see your friend has the same behavior as his parent and you can’t wait to say, “Hey, Bill, you’re just like your dad.” Bill will go ballistic. “How can you compare me to my dad? I’m nothing like my dad.”

Everybody else can see that Bill behaves like his dad. The only one who doesn’t see it is Bill. He got the program from his dad, he’s thinking 95 percent of the time, he’s playing his dad’s program, but as he’s playing it his conscious mind is not looking out. All the conscious mind catches later is the result.

Falling in love is the one time that you keep your conscious mind present. This isn’t the time to think, it’s the time to be. When two people are being and creating simultaneously from wishes and desires, they manifest wishes and desires. That’s called the honeymoon.

But the honeymoon eventually goes away. There’s a point where you still have a job, chores, responsibility, and the thinking comes back in. You start playing the negative programs that you didn’t play during the honeymoon. In Bill’s case, he starts thinking and playing the program he got from his father who probably had a lousy relationship. And he doesn’t see it. But the partner sees it. Suddenly, the honeymoon is not so joyful anymore. At first the partner accepts that behavior because they have a really good relationship. Then they start to compromise because you still have a good relationship. But if a bunch of bad behaviors come out there’s a point where too many compromises happen. Neither of them saw what they were doing and each blames the other one.

CLJ: Is there hope for having a good relationship by one partner being able to stay conscious long enough to point out that the program is running for the other person?

BL: If both people are aware that there are subconscious programs there’s an opportunity for discussion rather than an argument. And if they agree about the behavior, then it’s time to change the behavior. But remember there are two minds. The conscious creative mind can review the situation. But the subconscious mind learns in a different way. You can educate the conscious mind and yet it never, ever changes the program.

If we don’t own it we can’t change it. You don’t get habits to change just because you want them to. The subconscious mind resists change because if it changes then the habits change. You have to understand how the programs were put in in the first place and then go back and do the same process. That means practice. If you want to play a musical instrument, a nice conscious idea, you have to practice. So practice driving a car, practice playing an instrument, practice a relationship. I love the new agey slang for it, “fake it till you make it.” If you’re not happy, say you’re happy every day. Just keep repeating “I am happy, I am happy,” because repetition puts the program in. The function of the mind is to make coherence between the program and reality. So if the program “I am happy” goes in, then the function of the mind is to do every behavior to manifest happiness.

CLJ: Is this something you need help to do? Or is it the same way as learning how to walk?

BL: The only help you need is conscious help. We give ourselves a good talking to when we don’t like the program. The joke is who are you talking to? The subconscious mind is a machine. A playback machine. You’re talking to your conscious mind but the subconscious mind doesn’t hear a word because there’s nobody in there. Your conscious mind, which is creative, can download creativity. But it doesn’t translate into subconscious programs. So most of us walk around with a super intelligent conscious mind and yet our behavior’s coming from the stupid subconscious. Conscious mind is giving you the intention, wishes, what you want to do. But then you have to practice to make it subconscious.

CLJ: Is our programming also in our genes?

BL: Genes are changeable. But if you buy into the limitation then you manifest the limitation. If somebody says, “I have a cancer gene,” what’s the focus? Getting cancer. The more you think it, the more you repeat it, and the more you repeat it, the more the manifestation occurs. Fear is what causes the problem. Our identity is received by the cells. You’re looking at the “Bruce” television. If the television breaks, is the broadcast still there? Of course it’s still there. Whether your body is here or not, the field is always there. So it’s important to recognize that our identity was received by the cells because the soul stays there. It’s a broadcast that goes on and on and on. There’s an immortality of identity but not a body. The body is a television set. This time I’m in a male body. Next time I could be in a female body. We’re all spirit. We’re all energy. Fields and spirit are interchangeable.

So why have a spirit in the body? Why not be the spirit? If you’re just a spirit, what does chocolate taste like? It takes energy to make visual pictures, to make sound, to taste. So when you get into the suit you can see, smell, touch, taste, feel. What does love feel like? I can have a conscious idea as a spirit. Love is nice. But what does love feel like? Well, get into a body and release dopamine. Oh, that’s what love feels like. The body converts our reality into sensation so that we can experience physical things. But you also have choices of where you want to go and what you want to do. It’s not just the feelings coming in and going back to Source, it’s the Source with information of what to do coming into the body like a two-way street. We came here to create heaven on earth. But as long as you’re playing the program that was downloaded into you, you’re going to manifest the program. And that program is not heaven. If you’re unaware, you can play this program from that first seven years to the day you die, 95 percent of the time.

CLJ: And even if you are aware, learning to stop playing that program is not for the faint of the heart.

BL: The two conventional ways of putting in the program are time-consuming. Hypnosis is a repetitive process. Habituation, by its definition, is a repetitive process. They both take time. We are facing a necessity to change our behavior as fast as possible because our behavior is precipitating the sixth mass extinction of life. We’re going extinct. Not a thousand years from now. Within a century. We’ve destroyed the environment without even knowing. We’ve destroyed ourselves. That’s where we are right now.

So the answer is energy psychology. You can get out of this without having to spend years doing it. You can get out of this tomorrow. In fifteen minutes. We have to make an effort to make change. If you don’t participate there is no evolution. Five times before, life was thriving on this planet and then something big happened. Seventy to ninety percent of life disappeared. The last time was when the dinosaurs were here. The environment was thriving. Then a comet hit the earth near Mexico and upended the ecosystem and 90 percent of life died out. Today we’re down to one-third of the animals since 1970.

CLJ: So your understanding of what is happening in the world gives you this great drive to wake everybody up?

BL: In 1985 I was working on understanding how the environment was being translated by the cell and I saw the mechanism. The membrane of the cell is an information processing chip. If you change the input you change the biology, and it was so exciting. I wanted to tell people everywhere about this great new biology, how our mind is creating all this. But I realized I couldn’t go out there and tell people this is the most fabulous thing that ever existed if I wasn’t using it in my day-to-day world. Being a successful scientist was part of my programming. But I was for crap in personal relationships. Understanding the honeymoon effect led to understanding the nature of subconscious thought, how to communicate and adjust behavior when it wasn’t right and replace it with more positive behavior so you don’t even have to think about it. When the programs are in the subconscious you don’t have to do any more work. It’s operating 95 percent of the time without you even thinking about it. You can daydream all day long and still stay in heaven because your subconscious is playing those programs of creativity wishes and desires.

We’re not victims except in our belief system and if we change the belief system we’re masters. Most of you have already done it. You fell in love. That wasn’t an accident; that was a personal creation. You can have it any time. It’s always been available to you. But most people think they’re the victim of whatever’s going on in the world. You’re creators. Forget this victim stuff.

You don’t die when you go to heaven. You’re born into heaven. This is where we came to create. Love, joy, look at the ecosystem, look at how beautiful this planet is. You’re going to tell me you can imagine anything better than this? Let’s start manifesting it right now. There’s no reason to wait.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist and lecturer, is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Bruce was on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and later performed groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University. He is the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, the Updated 10th Anniversary edition is now available, and author of The Honeymoon Effect, and co-author with Steve Bhaerman of Spontaneous Evolution. Bruce received the 2009 prestigious Goi Peace Award (Japan) in honor of his scientific contribution to world harmony. For more information visit www.brucelipton.com.