Healing Through the Subtle Energy Field

By Tammy Billups

All of us are familiar with various forms of energy, such as magnetism, electricity, and both light and heat from the sun. Another common form is electromagnetic energy, which is produced when electricity is passed through a wire coil, creating a magnetic field.

Healing energy can be described as bio-electromagnetic energy because it seems to carry an electrical charge, to have magnetism, and to be produced naturally by the human body. Vital energy runs through all of life. It connects our bodies with our minds and souls. It links us with other people, animals, nature, and with the highest spiritual source.

We cannot see this subtle yet powerful force, but its effects rule every moment of our being. When our vital energy is sluggish or unawakened, life seems dull or difficult, and work is a chore. If our energy is running out of control, life is a roller-coaster: we feel constantly stressed, and we seem to exist in a world of arguments and irritability.

Once we begin to recognize vital energy and begin to work with it, everything can change. Our lives can take on fresh meaning and purpose. When our own vital energy is moving smoothly, we can enjoy radiant good health, abundant vitality, and a sense of ease in our bodies. Our relationships become honest, exciting, and supportive. Our homes become places of serenity and joy. We start to feel a link of kinship with the whole of creation and the elements of nature. Best of all, we no longer feel alone in a large, often frightening universe. We become linked to spirit, joined to the source of all energy.

Because energy is a natural force, left to its own devices it will, like water, take the easiest route. If nothing stands in its way, it will flow smoothly, like a river running through a wide, straight plain. It can also become heavy and stagnant, or if forced into a narrow, restrictive pattern, it will rebel, like a river forced between steep ravines. So our aim is to allow the vital energy around us to flow smoothly, taking away any restrictions without allowing it to run too wild or crazy.

Our vital energy can be locked in the body in many ways on a mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual level, or in any combination of these levels. On a physical level, the body absorbs and retains chemicals and unresolved emotions in the cells, muscles, bones, and organs. On a mental and emotional level, there are times when memories and emotions, which were either suppressed or forgotten, are re-experienced and remembered as one is receiving a subtle energy healing session.

Blocked energy caused by childhood traumas or negative experiences can show up as fear, anger, resentment, etc. The energy of the unhealed emotional wound and trauma can also become trapped within the body and its energy field, causing tension, stress, and possibly pain/disease. If the energy is not cleared, people might either shut down emotionally or become abusers themselves. As a person receives energy therapy sessions, they can get in touch with the past trauma, thereby releasing it and all its adverse effects on their body, and in their life. As we begin to heal through this natural process and release the pain of our past, we allow more room for love, peace, joy, and acceptance in our lives.

Ancient civilizations understood that we are not just flesh and bones; we are infused with a subtle form of energy that cannot be seen by most. Healers from China, India, Tibet, and the Middle East all mapped the subtle energy centers and pathways of the body and used them for precise healing. Shamanic cultures from all around the world have shifted energy in their ceremonies often with miraculous results.

For many years alternative therapists working with subtle energy have known they could bring about huge changes in the physical body. This will become the ultimate form of preventative medicine, gently healing emotional trauma and even genetic material before it turns into physical pain and disease.

Tammy Billups is a Certified Interface Therapist, author, and holistic healer. Tammy’s facilitated thousands of Energy Therapy sessions to help her clients release their emotional wounds to reveal their authentic, empowered selves. With compassion and commitment, she helps restore a sense of safety so they can embrace the life they truly deserve. www.tammybillups.com