Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Diane Glynn

By Diane Glynn

Shortly before sitting down to write this column I was criticized for my “airy-fairy” outlook on life. I had to sit with that comment for a while. Is it true? Is the fact that I prefer to see the world through my heart and not my head a fruitless endeavor? Or am I just making those that have not yet reached this level of understanding a bit uncomfortable?

To become fully divine in this very human world is not easy. Just like you, I am faced with treachery every day. The way that we treat each other and the planet we walk upon saddens me. So many of us know the power and presence of Spirit in our lives and yet have not learned how to live fully there. Many others have not yet recognized their Divine potential and see only the humanness surrounding them.

In my own deficiencies I, too, continue to stumble, knowing that there is a better way to live. Learning to live it fully—to be fully human and fully divine—is not easy. The pull of gravity that keeps my feet flat on the ground is the pull of the human realm. It keeps me, many times, from seeing that, while my feet are grounded, my heart desires to lift me up. In the human realm I see the pain that is caused by the discontent of our planet. The hatred and the anger are overwhelming at times, and very painful to witness.

My answer to all this has to be to love more deeply. It’s the only way I can live and it’s the only way any difference can be made. The longer we hold on to hate and fear, the louder the cries for love will be. Why not flip the switch? Allow love to lead the way. See it everywhere. Just as many of you now see hate in every corner, I’ll continue to see love. I’ll be so bold as to say that my love is more powerful than your hate. Love will break down the walls and destroy the borders that separate us and you will either begin to open to the infinite possibility or you will turn and walk away. Love will release the pull of gravity and allow your heart to be lifted and Divinity to shine or you may find yourself drifting in sadness and despair. In all situations, it’s love that will make this world what we all desire it to be, if we simply allow it to be.

Love is not always pretty, nor is it easy. It is, however, always right.

Diane Glynn is the Executive Director of Unity North Atlanta, a Spiritual Community in Marietta, GA where she is also a Prayer Chaplain. In her spare time, Diane is a freelance writer. Follow her on Facebook and at yesthismoment.com.