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Dennis Creech - Southface Energy Institute

A Conversation with Dennis Creech

Dennis Creech, founder of the Southface Energy Institute, shares some enlightening—and surprising—truths about the true cost of our energy dependence.

Byron Katie - The Work

Is This Thought True? Find Happiness and Freedom Through Byron Katie’s “The Work”

Acclaimed author Byron Katie speaks of her step-by-step formula, The Work, and how it can transform debilitating thought patterns into tools for evolution.

Rob Williams

A Conversation with Robert Williams

Founder of PSYCH-K, Rob Williams, speaks on the importance of placing less emphasis on material possessions and more on the interconnectedness of all spiritual beings.

David Ault

A Conversation with David Ault

Celebrated spiritual and motivational speaker, David Ault, shares his perspective on our Conscious Mind.

Michael Mirdad

A Conversation with Michael Mirdad

World-renowned spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad speaks on the subject of conscious living.

Marianne Williamson

A Conversation with Marianne Williamson

Spiritual leader and author Marianne Williamson shares her thoughts on consciousness and our current culture.