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Meditation for Kids

Although it may take a lifetime to master the principles of meditation, children can begin learning the fundamentals at an early age and reap countless benefits for their psychological growth and well being.

Seven Ways to Deal With Stress

Stress is inevitable. How we deal with it, however, carries a profound impact on our lives. Here are seven tips to deal with stress consciously and positively.

Experiencing a Garden – Seasonal Horticultural Therapy

The cold weather doesn’t have to keep us indoors. Winter gardening can provide life-affirming physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits for our overall health.

The Psychology of Color

Our personal attraction to certain colors says a lot about our emotional and psychological needs. By understanding this influence, we can utilize color to enrich every aspect of our lives.

Book Review: A Mind at Home with Itself

We review Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell’s newest book, A Mind at Home with Itself.

Transcending Consciousness

All major religions speak of reaching a state of transcendence, yet no definitive road map exists to reach such a state of bliss. Here are some helpful tips to assist in your own journey towards transcendence.

New York Times best-selling author Lissa Rankin

A Conversation With Lissa Rankin

Bestselling author Lissa Rankin reminds us that it is OK to be both conscious and spiritual but also to suffer through hardships – often it is when everything falls apart that the true breakthroughs come.

The Hero’s Journey and Modern Spirituality

Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” is a reflection of the common myths around the world – and also a profound guide to our personal paths of spiritual evolution.

Real Talk: Are You Living In Fantasy?

We would all love to stay in a fantasy world – but no change will ever come. True change comes from deep reflective work and facing our problems head on.

Holistic Healing

Traditional medicine has long stayed focused on healing the physical body – but we are spiritual beings by nature, and so we must broaden our healing practices to encompass every aspect of our being.

the nature of biophilia

The Nature of Biophilia

Humans naturally want to be immersed in the sights and sounds of the outdoors, so biophilic city planning is becoming increasingly important to maximize our quality of life.

Local Spotlight: A Conversation With Biviana Franco

An interview with Biviana Franco, founder of Feel Beautiful Today, a local not-for-profit organization committed to enriching the spiritual, physical and mental health of cancer patients.