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Fully Human, Fully Spiritual

Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Diane Glynn

Those who give so much to others must remember to also embrace the gifts returned to them, for a continuous flow of positive energy is a universal necessity.

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Interview with Seane Corn

A Conversation With Seane Corn

Celebrated teacher Seane Corn speaks about yoga, activism, and the blending of the two to instill profound change in ourselves and the world we live in.

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Interview with Mark DeBrincat

Interview with Dr. Mark DeBrincat: Healing From Within

Natural health doctor Mark DeBrincat reminds us that the greatest health recoveries come not from a “magic pill”—but from aligning our thoughts to positive change.

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Personal characteristics and the mating game

Swipe Right or Left? Personal Characteristics and the Mating Game

How do we measure up a potential mate or partner? Our criteria may be evolving to focus less on looks and more on some very subtle subconscious constructs.

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Earthing - More Power to You

Earthing – More Power to You!

Life in the modern technological age has led to increased illness and dis-ease due to harmful electrical radiation. Earthing provides a simple, easy remedy to balance our bodies using the energy of Mother Nature.

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How Emotions Manifest in the Body

How Emotions Manifest in Your Body

Most physical ailments take form in our body due to unreleased emotion. Here are some healthy tips for discharging pent up emotions in order to come back into balance.

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DNA and Telomeres

DNA and Telomeres – The Keys to Reverse Aging

One of the greatest scientific discoveries of today involves the enzyme telomerase in our DNA—and how it may provide the answer to increased life expectancy.

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A Conversation With Rikka Zimmerman

Transformational leader and successful singer/songwriter Rikka Zimmerman speaks on her personal journey towards living consciously.

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Special Series: Sound – Tapping Into Sound Science

Gain a fascinating new perspective on sound as it relates to the light spectrum and how it affects the human body.

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Special Series: Sound – Psychoacoustics, Subtle Energy, and Healing Music

Accomplished recording artist Steven Halpern explains how both the notes and the intention behind music can affect every cell of our bodies.

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Special Series: Sound – Tune Your Brain with Music

Music has a profound effect on our emotions, mood, psychology, creativity, and overall health. Here are just some of the ways music plays an integral role in our daily lives.

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Special Series: Sound – Sacred Sound

Our journey to connect with the Divine Self originates far back into the beginning of our history—and sacred sound has always been a key element of that journey.

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