Interview with Dr. Mark DeBrincat: Healing From Within

Conscious Life Journal: What work are you passionate about?

Mark DeBrincat: As a Doctor of Natural Health, I specialize in helping people with traumatic brain and spinal injuries, as well as anxiety and depression disorders. My mission is to help patients restore optimal health and support the body’s proper function of the nervous system.

CLJ: Tell our readers about your journey.

MD: My wife and I were in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler. I was permanently disabled at the age of forty. I had several back surgeries and a computer implanted in my spine to block out the pain from my chest down. I suffered from horrible anxiety and depression as I no longer had purpose as a healer. I found myself in bed and wheelchair bound for three and a half years, living in constant agonizing pain. I was told not to give up hope, that someday I would find technology or products to help me with major breakthroughs with my health.

I remembered a quote from my childhood, “If you want something bad enough you have to be willing to fall down six times and get up seven.” Since the accident, I have been introduced to several technologies, therapies, and products that helped me gain my life back. It is truly a miracle and a gift from God that I’m able to walk again and live a pain-free life doing all the activities I used to enjoy.

CLJ: What therapies did you use to help gain your life back?

MD: I began with nutrition and diet, which includes something as simple as increasing water intake. Next, I started supporting my brain and spine, which are the computers and programmers of our body. I started neurofeedback therapy. This impacted how the rest of my body communicated with my brain, as well as how I felt emotionally.

Then I learned essential oils have properties to enhance the heathy restoration and support of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerve function. Essential oils changed my life and the way I supported my body, not only physically but also my emotional response to circumstances. I began using microcirculation technology, the key to getting nutrients and support to cells using blood. I was helping my body to exist optimally so it could do the job it was supposed to. I also used body cleanses like foot detoxes, massage, and chiropractic therapy.

It’s my blessing and honor to share these therapies with others.

CLJ: Are you following your dream?

MD: My dream has always been to have a healing center in the mountains of Colorado that people can come to and start over—literally change their life from the cell to the entire organism. It’s called Destination Genesis. Having broken through all of the barriers that held me down, I’ve now made it my life’s purpose to help those who are being held back by their health and guide them back to their quality of life.

CLJ: What advice do you have for others when it comes to healing?

MD: The first step to healing is realizing that your thoughts control everything. They change the way you think, and as you change the way you think, your body will change the way it functions.

The field of energy medicine has grown exponentially over the last couple decades. Energy and frequencies can evoke a potential in the cell to stimulate change. There are two different technologies that helped me with my recovery. The first deals with microcirculation, bringing high concentrations of oxygen and nutrients into the cell and pulling the metabolic waste and carbon dioxide out of the cell.

The second is neurofeedback, creating neuroplasticity, which means growing new brain and spinal tissue. We now have technology that can reverse degenerative conditions and assist the body to heal the root causes. This has inspired hope in those who were told they will always live with their “condition.”

CLJ: Why do you do what you do? What drives you?

MD: It is my greatest privilege to be able to help others find their breakthrough with health challenges naturally, without the harmful side effects of many traditional approaches that merely mask the symptoms.

All healing comes from within. We have an innate intelligence that lives inside of us and works diligently at healing us. It creates over 21,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chemical reactions every second to keep us alive and balanced. Yet so many believe that healing comes from a magic pill or something outside the body. Changing and impacting the health of a single cell will eventually change and impact the health of your entire body.

CLJ: What is the one thing you want our readers to know?

MD: Healing first begins with wisdom and aligning our thoughts in a positive direction. Then we can use natural technologies and therapies proven to accelerate the healing process and reach new levels of healing never before possible. I am the doctor of good news! You can always improve your quality of life with the right tools, energy, and attitude.

Dr. Mark DeBrincat, DC is a natural health doctor specializing in global health solutions to optimize performance, health, and well-being. As a chiropractor, Dr. DeBrincat has over twenty years of experience in empowering individuals to live a healthy lifestyle using natural, alternative therapies including PEMF microcirculation, neuro-feedback, bio-feedback, vascular, nutritional, and essential oil therapies.