Real Talk: Are You Living In Fantasy?

By Martha Burgess Novak

It’s not like turning on a light. It’s more like waiting for a pot of water to boil. You can stand there and curse up a storm for that water to bubble and brew for your cup of tea, but the water follows the laws of physics and you aren’t going to hurry the process. Consciousness is a process and not a fast one. It’s not a goal you make and then you’re done but a slow, steady opening to who you really are as spirit in physical form.

It’s “tedious” work to open consciousness. It’s “tedious” because the egoic child’s mind is a drama queen. Anyone who lives in the arena of consciousness looks back and says, “Why did I make it so hard?” The irony here is that it’s only easy when you’re past the ego and the mind that thinks like a child.

The child’s mind lives in fantasy and can never understand why reality won’t give in and match it. But that doesn’t happen because it’s not supposed to. Reality is supposed to smash up against fantasy so it hurts. And then, and only then, you’re more inclined to give it up. Either that or you’ll go more into fantasy and never come out.

While the second choice may be appealing to the child’s mind in all of us, it certainly is a poor way to live because fantasy is its own reward. You can’t create anything from fantasy. The whole point of fantasy is to make you feel good, to give you a place to indulge your unreality and to convince you that you’re actually doing something when you’re not. Fantasy hits the opiate centers of the brain. It’s your drug. We become addicted to fantasy. The problem is that you can’t create anything from fantasy. You can only manifest from the energy of reality.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is reality-based. Here you merge with the mind of God. If there is a roadmap to consciousness, you can sum it up in one word: change. You have to be willing to change. Look at all those issues you have. Look at the ones your family passed down to you for generations. Ask yourself why you believe the things you do. You might be surprised at some of these things. You will be surprised because you actually don’t want to know any of this, not really, but a good therapist won’t let you get away with avoidance. And contrary to what your egoic child’s mind tells you, finding out what you really believe, allowing yourself to be confronted with what you are doing, and finally talking about all this is a great relief. You will have revealed your burdens and now you can remove them instead of hiding them, at last becoming the loving man and woman that is your glorious potential.

Martha Burgess Novak has a school for spiritual healing and development in the Atlanta area and is a peak performance trainer working with individuals and corporations. She is the author of The Life You Want and The Teacup Prophecies. You can also find her radio show on