Holistic Healing

By Dr. Guy Gunter

We are spirits in the material world. Our bodies are reflections of our consciousness, which resides within them. In dealing with health care, traditional healing concentrated its scientific investigation and treatment on the actual physical body. This is rational because it is the physical body that manifests the symptoms of illness.

As scientific medicine has advanced, the definition of the body has expanded to include the tissues, fluids, and chemistry that compose the material body, but the subtle energies that support the body have been ignored. This limits the understanding and treatment of illness.

The resurgence of holistic healing has developed to answer the level of illnesses that are beyond the material paradigm.

Physics demonstrates that we are integrated energy fields of multiple frequencies that interpenetrate the actual body.

Studies of acupuncture measured the flow of Qi and tested its reality as coherent flows of electromagnetic energy that have both voltage and amperage. This defines the acupuncture meridians as electronic in nature.

Studies of the placebo effect offer definitive evidence of consciousness at work. When a placebo works, the patient does not simply imagine that they are healthy, their body makes the appropriate changes to their very body chemistry and body function. Hormone levels rise or normalize, brain chemistry shifts back to normal, etc. Since the placebo effect is also measurable and has been demonstrated in various scientific studies, it is no longer possible to claim that a placebo is “all in the mind” and therefore an example of psycho-emotional deception. The placebo effect proves that consciousness is capable of healing the body by methods unknown.

It is the recognition of the complex mystery of life and healing that creates the foundation of what is known as holistic healing. There is no doctor or practitioner who heals you; your body heals itself. The best that can be said for the physician is being able to facilitate this natural body response.

What all holistic systems have in common is the perception that something is blocking the natural healing response and seeking to free it. Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system accessed via the spinal vertebrae as a method of freeing the blockage, or restriction, that interferes with health. Acupuncture frees the blockages to the flow of Qi—that mysterious energy that coordinates, nourishes, and motivates the body to function properly. Massage releases the congestion in the muscles and lymph. Reiki goes straight for the energy flow with that of the practitioner and the Reiki consciousness. Homeopathy seeks to induce the body’s energy patterns to return to normalcy with gentle energetic remedies.

Yoga and meditation are direct self-connection with the normal energy flow and help restore its path and movement.

It is all mystery. Life is mysterious, so illness must be too.

Thus holistic healing becomes “How do you access the mystery inside you and confront the mystery of your illness?” What you believe and what you are comfortable with can guide you to the healing you seek.

All healing requires the interaction of the consciousness of the practitioner with the patient. What else could it be? Because we are all consciousness, if your physician is going to help you, he must somehow interact with your consciousness and beliefs in a therapeutic way to give you the guidelines for choosing the method best for you. If that method is best, it will make sense to you and you will feel a confidence that you have chosen the right path. The results will follow.

Dr. Guy T. Gunter, BS, MS, DC offers integrated alternative therapeutics at Healworks in Atlanta, Georgia. Healworks represents the culmination of twenty-eight years of practice informed by a lifetime of scientific observation and provides the very best in alternative methods to support the body in healing itself. www.healworks.net