The Harmony Point – Base Camp to Higher Consciousness

By Jay Fenello

I recently wrote about transcending consciousness, and how the experience of its highest state is shared by many world traditions. I also described the techniques these traditions follow to prepare for transcendence, and how they align in their goal of a common receptive brain state.

One of the difficulties in writing about this topic is that we don’t have a common language to describe many of these concepts. For example, the receptive brain state that these traditions target as a starting point doesn’t have a common name. And until something has a name it is difficult to talk to about. So let’s give it a name—The Harmony Point.

One of the results of floating is a state where you are completely passive, where every cell and muscle in your body is in balance with its surroundings, where every thought in your head is silent, or observed without reaction or judgment. In other words, you are one with the universe, completely passive to all the forces around you.

This is The Harmony Point—the launching pad to higher states of consciousness.

There are many ways to reach The Harmony Point. When you are not floating, The Harmony Point becomes that state where you counter the additional forces aligned against you with the minimal amount of effort required to maintain your stasis.

Adding this to our map of higher consciousness, The Harmony Point becomes an easy interim destination to reach. Getting to the mountain top, however, sometimes requires more than just a map.

Imagine if you wanted to climb Mount Everest. Not only would you need a map, you’d also need a guide, special equipment, and special training. And even that would not be enough—you’d also need to acclimate to your new environment before attempting to move up the mountain.

And so it is with meditation. Entering The Harmony Point is just a starting point. Every transcendent experience elevates you to a higher level of consciousness. And at each of these levels you’ll need to acclimate to your new reality before you’ll be ready for your next transcendent experience.

That’s why transcendent experiences are not available on demand, and may only occur a few times in a lifetime. It also confirms that there are many levels of consciousness between where we start and the ultimate destination of union that so many seek.

Best wishes on your continuing journey.

Jay Fenello is the creator of the MindVizor, a ganzfeld meditation aid that provides benefits similar to floating, without the mess or expense. Visit the MindVizor website for product details, and tips on meditation and mindfulness.