In each issue we have columns sharing Wisdom Thoughts, Feng Shui Tips, Living Foods, Star Talk, and Animal Wisdom.

Meditation: what is transcendence?

Meditation: What is Transcendence?

One’s attainment of transcendence may actually be closer to everyday experience than first thought, as evident by some who experience a spark of creativity and follow it with complete and uninterrupted focus.

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Jay Fenello Meditation - Harmony Point

The Harmony Point – Base Camp to Higher Consciousness

The Harmony Point gives a name to the universally described state of consciousness where transcendence is achieved—and it is but the first step of many we can hope to experience.

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Fully Human, Fully Spiritual

Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Diane Glynn

Those who give so much to others must remember to also embrace the gifts returned to them, for a continuous flow of positive energy is a universal necessity.

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Book Review: A Mind at Home with Itself

We review Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell’s newest book, A Mind at Home with Itself.

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Real Talk: Are You Living In Fantasy?

We would all love to stay in a fantasy world – but no change will ever come. True change comes from deep reflective work and facing our problems head on.

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The Law of Polarity

Wisdom Thoughts: The Law of Polarity

An introduction to this Hermetic law that reveals the only difference between our emotional highs and lows is the degree at which we are vibrating.

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Feng Shui Your Life

Changing Your Beliefs and Perceptions with Feng Shui

This introduction to Feng Shui principles reveals how our external environment can reflect the internal beliefs of our personal lives.

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Animal Wisdom - Integration 101 May/June 2017

Animal Wisdom – Integration 101

Our animal companions possess extraordinary traits that, if integrated within our own lives, could deepen our experience of love, joy, and empowerment.

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Star Talk: Astrology May–June 2017

Star Talk: May–June 2017

The energies of May and June bring forth a “heavenly setup” for making profound changes in your personal life to become a more authentic you.

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