Getting to The Harmony Point

By Jay Fenello

Jay Fenello - Navigating Higher Brain States

After comparing many world traditions, from ancient to modern, spiritual to religious, and mystical to scientific, we now have a simple map of consciousness with just two interim destinations:

  • The Harmony Point (THP) – where you are one with the universe (all attention seekers are quieted).
  • Single Point Awareness (SPA) – where you are totally immersed in a single object of your attention (all attention seekers are quieted, except one).

Of these two targeted brain states, The Harmony Point is usually considered the ultimate destination, and the more powerful of the two. It’s also harder to reach directly, because you have to be able to control all of your attention seekers, across all realms of awareness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.).


Getting to The Harmony Point directly is harder, and traditions that pursue this often have elaborate rituals and indoctrination that can take a long time. An easier approach is to systematically use Single Point Awareness to “reset” each attention seeker….

  • Enter into a meditative position, and focus your attention on your breath. How quickly are you breathing? How deep are your breaths?
  • Now focus on taking slower, deeper breaths. Long slow breath in, long slow breath out….
  • Once this is comfortable, add expansive breathing. Long slow breath in, breathe in a little more, long slow breath out, breathe out a little more….
  • Next, add rhythmic breathing and/or other variations as desired.
  • When you are done taking your breath through all of these motions, allow your breath to return to its natural state.
  • Feel this, recognize this, remember this. This is now your new normal breathing.

You have just entered into Single Point Awareness with your breath and become more aware of the normal range and optimal condition of your breathing. In effect, you have just focused in on one green line, stretched and compressed it, then allowed it to return to its natural position. You have just “reset” one attention seeker.

Until next time….

Jay Fenello is the creator of the MindVizor, a ganzfeld meditation aid that provides benefits similar to floating, without the mess or expense. Visit the website for product details, and tips on meditation and mindfulness.