Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Richard Burdick

By Rev. Richard Burdick

Many people find themselves on the proverbial merry-go-round of life, perennially asking the question why?

Why did this happen? Why did that happen? Why can’t I? Why should I? Why is this happening again? History has taught us that the quality of the question determines the quality of the experience, and “why” is a dangerous road to perpetual suffering.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good inquiry to make when considering circumstances, but don’t camp out there. Asking why can afford the opportunity to release, process, and forgive what needs addressing, but eventually, a great remembrance of Absolute truth must dominate our consciousness.

Better questions lead to the transformation we seek. Who am I? What is mine to do? How can I make a difference here? What is possible here? These questions more effectively lead us from any consciousness of victimhood and guide us to a place of “verity consciousness” where the Divine idea of life, as each of us, dwells. You and I, and all who have ever walked the face of the earth, are the veritable Presence of love. To the degree we remember this truth, we heal what needs healing and transform what needs transforming.

As the prodigal son or daughter “comes to oneself,” transformation becomes less about the changing of effects and more about the recalling of Absolute reality. When we remind ourselves who we are, and the purpose for which we have been born, we create an energetic shift that frees us from the bondage of worldly effects. The vibrational frequency of our attention drops to a more authentic place of spiritual being. This shift reminds us how powerful we are and that we are only one thought away from having the experience we seek. A deep realization emerges that transformation and healing are no longer needed, and never were. We’re already home.

Whatever our experience may be, underneath it is a Divine idea, a perfect and omnipresent reality. The quality of the experience is evidence that either the idea has been forgotten or remembered. Behind cancer is the Divine idea of health. Behind poverty is the Divine idea of prosperity. Behind fear is the Divine idea of love. Behind you and every life situation is the Divine idea of life, either remembered or forgotten. Stay present to these Divine ideas, be a causal reality, and remember who you are. Ask good questions that lead you home and know that the only transformation ever needed is in consciousness.

Rev. Richard Burdick is the Senior Minister at Unity North Atlanta. As a minister, teacher, and musician he is passionate about community building, interfaith cooperation, and trans-denominational spirituality. More info about Richard and Unity North at www.unitynorth.org