Meditation Made Easy

By Jay Fenello

After comparing many world traditions, we now have a simple map of consciousness with just two targeted brain states. These states can generically be called a “focused” state and the “silence” state. In our map, we call them Single Point Awareness (SPA) and The Harmony Point (THP) respectively.

Meditation is a practice that helps you become more aware of your body, mind, and spirit. It is also a practice that helps you attain “the silence,” the place where higher states of consciousness become more accessible.

Meditation Made Easy

Think of meditation as a series of mental workouts that allow you to take control of your mind. Harmony Point Meditation is a systematic approach that uses Single Point Awareness (SPA) to gain control over the distractions that are competing for your attention. We call these distractions “attention seekers,” and we call this systematic approach “scanning.”

Meditation Made Easy

Scanning is simply the process of moving your SPA from one attention seeker to the next in an orderly way, and resetting each of them as you go. The two main ways of scanning are 1) in a sequential order, or 2) based on the intensity of the distraction.

Harmony Point Meditation
  1. Enter into SPA with your breathing, and reset it.
  2. Scan for bodily attention seekers, and reset them using SPA.
  3. Scan for mental attention seekers, and reset them using SPA.
  4. Scan for emotional attention seekers, and reset them using SPA.
  5. Scan for spiritual attention seekers, and reset them using SPA.
  6. Enter The Harmony Point (THP).

Now, there are too many attention seekers to go through them all every time you meditate. Instead, spend a fixed amount of time within each realm. For example, start with breathing, then spend five minutes per realm, ending your session attempting to achieve the “silence” (THP).

Using this approach, you’ll quickly gain control over all of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. And with practice, you’ll gain access to THP as well.

Harmony Point Yoga

Just like our simple breathing meditation is an easy way to learn SPA, Harmony Point Yoga is an easy way to learn scanning. In this case, we use standard yoga poses and special transitions to focus in on a series of body parts, and reset them along the way.

Until next time.

Jay Fenello is the creator of the MindVizor, a ganzfeld meditation aid that provides benefits similar to floating, without the mess or expense. Visit the website for product details, and tips on meditation and mindfulness.