Fully Human, Fully Spiritual with Diane Glynn

By Diane Glynn

Stepping outside into the early morning air, my day typically begins with a long, quiet walk. The intention is always the same. A gentle prayer of gratitude and the sounds of a waking world. A time of peace and connection with Spirit. A time of renewal. But the thoughts start to swirl, the quiet slowly shattering around me as the day’s list begins to permeate my mind. With each step I try to set them aside.

Returning home to continue the daily ritual of quiet with yoga, some reading, and then settling into my meditation, the thoughts persist. I chase them around. I ask them to leave. I try to trick them into going away. All the techniques learned through the years are tried, yet they’re still there. Like children vying for a mother’s attention, they want answers—now.

So many books, articles, and essays have been written about this monkey mind. So many people try so many things and some can, indeed, transcend these whirling dervishes of the mind and find peace in meditation. Yet many struggle and give up simply because the thoughts do not settle down easily. They need attention, they need nurturing, and the mind needs to feel it’s in charge.

I am learning to listen to my mind and to take with me a thought or two to answer. I am learning to give it the attention it needs.

What thought is yelling the loudest? Don’t ignore it. It obviously needs guidance so simply ask it to join you in meditation or join you on your walk. As you settle into your space and begin to center yourself, ask: “What do I need to do about this?” The thought will jump and babble with excitement like that child who is finally being heard. This is where your breathing and centering techniques come into play with the frenetic energy brought on by a thought in motion! Just as you would guide a child to calm down, ask your thought to take a breath, sit still, and wait for an answer to come.

Breathe deeply and listen softly to what your Soul is guiding you to do. One thought at a time, not to be ignored, but to be embraced. An answer to a persistent question will surely come by way of a peaceful meditation and a mind will dance with joy.

Diane Glynn is the Executive Director of Unity North Atlanta, a Spiritual Community in Marietta, GA where she is also a Prayer Chaplain. Through her writing, Diane teaches others how to incorporate spiritual practices into everyday life. Follow her on Facebook at This Moment and at yesthismoment.com