The Spiritual Essence of Food

By Brenda Cobb

Many people are conflicted about food and endless drama surrounds food addictions and cravings. Life has become so hectic that many have lost the spiritual connection to food.

Diet plays such a significant role in how you feel physically and spiritually. Bad food choices can make you feel out of sorts, depressed, and tired. Good food choices can energize and uplift you.

Low frequency foods containing sugar and caffeine keep you disconnected from your true spiritual essence. This can lead to the development of all types of health issues. Fresh, raw, and living sprouted foods do the exact opposite — they connect you even more to your spiritual self. The reason for this is that they are full of living enzymes, which have very high vibrational frequencies. These high frequencies keep you connected spiritually.

Cooking fresh fruits and vegetables destroys all of these important living enzymes, decreases nutritional value, and changes food from alkaline to acid. An alkaline body is healthy, while an acidic body is unhealthy. Low vibrational foods like pastries and candy can make you feel out of sorts, on edge, emotionally fragile, and can contribute to disease. Fresh leafy greens and other green vegetables have a supercharged power to heal and even influence mood and emotions. When you eat these foods you tend to be happier and more loving towards yourself and others.

In addition, if you are upset or angry when you prepare food, that energy goes right into the food and impacts anyone who eats it in a negative way. Eating foods that have been grown and prepared with love and even dining with friends in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere can positively affect digestion, health, and overall well-being.

Remember to say a prayer before eating to raise the spiritual essence and healing power of the food. Be mindful and appreciative with every bite. Don’t be in a hurry or rush through your meals. Put away your cell phone and computer. Get away from the television. Focus on the great gift that food is in your life and relax while you eat.

Physician Donald Morse, Temple University, did research asking participants to meditate for five minutes before eating and found they produced 22% more of the enzyme alpha-amylase, which helps break down carbohydrates and B vitamins. When you eat in a relaxed, mindful way, you absorb more nutrients, naturally improving your health and well-being.

Brenda Cobb is the founder of Living Foods Institute, author of The Living Foods Lifestyle®, and featured on documentaries “Healing Cancer Inside Out” and “Eating.” She has an Honorary Cultural Doctorate in Therapeutic Philosophy and the Phoenix Award honoring her work. She personally healed breast and cervical cancer without surgery, chemo, or radiation.