How Forgiveness Heals Karma

By Lisa Barnett

The Akashic Beings of Light have told us that forgiveness can heal Karma.

You may have some Karma to complete in your life, like all of us do, and it may be with one or more family members. We sometimes choose a family in which we feel unfairly treated or even abused or abandoned. Karma might be the cause of the treatment you experienced in childhood. It’s important to know that Karma is not a punishment. Rather, it is the completion of a lesson our soul chose to learn. That doesn’t mean, however, that the lesson is easy to learn. Most souls work on learning their big karmic lessons over many lifetimes.

The Akashic Lords have explained Karma like this: It is created when you “jump out of the life story” you are living in and consequently don’t receive the wisdom that your soul intended. An example would be that of an unhappy marriage. You may not divorce your wife but you still “leave” by turning to alcohol and affairs to escape. You don’t work through the issues that are causing the unhappiness; instead, you run away and leave the others in your family feeling abandoned. The fact that you didn’t learn how to communicate, share feelings, resolve conflicts, or control your temper means you didn’t learn the lesson your soul wished to learn.

Then you usually return to another life to complete this lack of information and growth that came from your jumping out of your “story” and creating Karma.

Your next life may be a lifetime where you have an alcoholic parent or spouse because our soul wishes to learn about this situation from the other side. Your soul may want to learn how to work with the emotions and trauma the situation brings into your life in a clear and conscious way. In this next life, you may be the spouse who is abandoned to alcohol and affairs, and you may wonder why. You may retaliate by having an affair of your own and your hardened heart turns mean. You may find you are verbally abusive to your spouse and family because you feel so hurt.

Now you find yourself in a Karma loop or pattern. Life after life you came in to learn about love, forgiveness, and compassion and it escapes you. These lives often escalate and get worse the longer the pattern goes on and you don’t heal it. Your pattern of escaping an unhappy marriage through affairs or addiction may lead to verbal, emotional, and physical abuse.

The thing with hate and anger and the energy of damnation is that it poisons the person that is thinking about it, not the person who did the deed. When you hate someone for abandoning you, and you retell the story over and over again, it is your heart being ripped apart, not the heart of the abandoner.

The key is actually simple. We’re not saying it is easy, just simple — forgiveness.

When you forgive a person for the pain and trauma they have brought to you, you take the power away from them to hurt you anymore. You claim your ability to heal and move forward in your life. This is tremendously important to note, as suppressed emotions such as anger, revenge, hatred, rage, jealousy, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, fear, grief, depression, despair, and powerlessness are all emotions that poison the body. These emotions resonate at the lowest vibration on the earth. We’re finding that this long-term emotional poisoning can trigger illness in our bodies.

As you come to see the truth of your “tormenters” as divine souls struggling in earth school, you can forgive them and yourself for the part you played in the story and for choosing this situation, even if it was unconscious and on a soul level.

Forgiveness does not mean you condone what the person did. It is not acceptable in any way that they broke your heart, stole from you, or were emotionally or physically abusive to you. You do not have to reconcile or ever see them again. If you were in an abusive relationship, the Akashic Masters always tell us to stay safe and that means to stay away from dangerous people and situations. You can forgive without ever having another conversation with that person.

We forgive to heal our own lives and hearts. When we realize the depth of compassion it takes to forgive ourselves and others, when we take the time daily to do healing prayers of forgiveness, we truly do come to a place of understanding, and with understanding comes compassion.

The Akashic Masters say that forgiveness is the path to divine Love and Love is the path to awakening. This is a large part of why we as souls come to Earth. Feel this in your heart: Love and Forgiveness complete Karma.

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