Changing Your Beliefs and Perceptions with Feng Shui

By Marjorie Hilliard

Life is filled with an incredible variety of emotions and experiences. These are the very things that help form our beliefs and perceptions. It is through our individual beliefs and perceptions that we are able to observe any situation on our own unique terms. Consider the burning building scenario. Same building burning but place a different individual at each corner of the building, and you will get four different recounts of exactly how the building burned. And all four accounts will be totally accurate, based on each individual’s beliefs and perceptions. This story illustrates that you always have choices about how to experience life. You can change any beliefs or perceptions that no longer serve you. Feng Shui is the study of how we create our outer environment utilizing the energy patterns we hold inside. Another way to understand this concept is by understanding how aura photos are created. External metal finger plates capture the energy patterns your body is emitting, and these patterns are then expressed as different colors surrounding your body. The ancient science of Feng Shui studies how an individual creates the same energy patterns in their environment.

It can be difficult to determine our own beliefs and perceptions. But by applying the principles of Feng Shui, you are afforded tools that can help you identify these areas. For example, if you are having difficulty having a healthy love relationship, look at the far, back, right corner of the various rooms in your home. How are these areas decorated? How do they make you feel? Are you happy to sit comfortably here? Remember, nothing in these areas is causing your faulty beliefs or perceptions, the areas merely reflect them. If your Love Relationship area of the Bagua matches your current relationship issues, then evaluate what you have in this area and consider what you might do to make changes. For example, if you have a lot of items that represent your career, then honestly reflect on how much you are allowing your career to be your substitute passion, or consider how much your career may be affecting your love relationship.

The Bagua

The Bagua is a tool used in Feng Shui to analyze the energy of a space. It consists of nine squares that represent different areas of your life.

Apply this same level of reasoning to all nine areas of the Bagua. It is common for several areas of the Bagua to interrelate. The example above demonstrates how the career area of the Bagua interrelates with the Love Relationship area.

It is very important to understand you are healing yourself. Your furniture, color selections, and knick-knacks are not CAUSING your issues. There are no magic trinkets. Allow your intention to focus on how you can heal your inner beliefs and perceptions.

Marjorie Hilliard is a Feng Shui Master and owns Feng Shui Solutions, serving the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. For over twelve years, she has worked with individuals, small and large businesses, interior designers, and charitable community organizations, providing expert guidance on the appropriate application of Feng Shui principles as they apply to the individual needs of her clients.