Awakening to Action: A Call For Conscious Citizens

By Becky Arrington

There is a groundswell happening, a call to action unlike anything we have experienced before, and it has little to do with our political affiliations. It may start as a small gnawing when you are triggered by a political figure bending the truth, rights or values being threatened, or witnessing the unfair treatment of another.

This disquietude is jolting us out of the blanket of complacency we have snuggled in for years. It is stirring a newfound call for accountability in those who lead and fairness for all. Politically, our forty-fifth president of the United States is taking swift action, enacting executive agendas, and, in the process, pushing many people’s buttons. But that is his role, to be a disrupter.


As a spiritual citizen, what can you do? It’s easy to feel as though you have no ability to change something as massive as the government or large institutions. It’s easier to retreat within and hide from the negativity, but that’s not what you are here to do. Your role is to engage and focus on what is in your heart and soul and begin to envision the kind of life you want and the world you want to live in. As we move forward in this new energy, our thoughts have tremendous power. When two or more gather together, what they create expands. Multiply that by millions who are feeling this call and we may just have the makings of a spiritual revolution. Change begins with you, so be a force for good.

In the days ahead we must form unity. Keep the vision of the world you want to create and band together to make that happen. That doesn’t mean we all agree or see things the same way, but we are all connected and affected by the same issues. Start looking at the world around you and ask yourself, “how can I be a better person and make this a better place?”

  • Pick Your Passion: Select something you care deeply about or want to see improved or changed.
  • Research: Know your topic, all the ins and outs, the history, the players, and ideas for change.
  • Set Your Intention: Envision the results, keeping in mind the highest good for all involved.
  • Take Action: If you’re passionate about a cause, buy brands that support it, lobby local retailers to donate part of their proceeds to help others, and talk to local civic groups to get involved. If it is political, call your Senators and Representative or local movers and shakers, join a concerned citizen group, write letters, or find a nonprofit directly involved in the cause or legislation.
  • Connect With Others: Begin having meaningful conversations with others, especially those with differing views. Understand their perspectives, present your side, and engage. Brainstorm ways to enact change to improve the lives of others.
Becky Arrington is a success strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her intuitive and visionary insight as a psychic channel enables her to help people uncover blockages. The alchemical techniques used allow clients to clear massive amounts of obstructions from childhood, prior experiences, or past lives.