Hope Merrill

Hope Merrill launched her first publishing company with two business partners while still in her early 20s.  Within 3 years she had bought out her partners and within 12 years, the business grew to over 20 employees, served over 30 communities across several states, and was recognized for its quality, integrity, and innovative approaches throughout the Southeast. Named one of 40 under 40 by Georgia Trend business publication, Hope served on numerous boards including the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and was one of only a couple of successful women-owned publishers in the industry for many years.

Hope’s life seemed to be a model of personal and professional success, but, as happens to many of us, life interrupted her plans. Diagnosed with cancer in 1997, then more health issues in 2002, set Hope off on an intensive, personal journey of healing and self-discovery. She explored some of the most profound spiritual teachings of our time, served at Omega Institute, created a coaching and intuitive guidance business and soon realized her personal mission in life: to be a bridge to the vast abundance of teachings, products, services, and technologies to those on a path of consciousness.

In 2012, Hope founded the Conscious Living Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and launched The Conscious Life Journal in 2015. siconsciousliving.com myconsciouslifejournal.com